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Our Services


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Inspired with the latest discoveries in technology, science, architecture and design, Dazz Group strives to deliver a broad range of modern prime-quality services for both residential and commercial projects.


Urban planning and design are not seasonal trends – they are multifaceted complex processes of creating safe, aesthetic and sustainable places to live. With over 25 years of experience in real estate development in Canada, Dazz Group offers long-term solutions for crafting balanced, inclusive and ecologically viable spaces of the future. Dazz Group’s projects include planning and designing commercial and residential projects offering a full-spectrum of long-term and reliable services from transport and areas planning to road and street design. When building the tomorrow’s green cities, Dazz Group examines urban typology and interconnected districts to ensure the simplicity and safety of moving through the city.


The brilliance of architectural design lies in bringing an aesthetic and functionality together. Dazz Group has a long history of shaping the spaces into aesthetically pleasing, balanced and ecologically viable environments. Working individually with each client, the team of Dazz Group’s professionals demonstrate an extraordinary performance of geometry, natural light and design that all meet in striking buildings – the masterpieces of modern architecture. With its innovative solutions, Dazz Group delivers creativity, sustainability and adds meaning to the places where we live.


Express your personality through breathtaking projects while Dazz Group ensures they withstand all load types and weather conditions. Dazz Group provides modern structural design services for residential and commercial projects, guaranteeing they meet the latest standards and high quality. The team of experienced designers, architects and engineers analyzes the risks and calculates the strength of the buildings and non-building structures, ensuring they sustain severe damages, winds and heavy rains.


Dazz Group designs residential and commercial spaces that express the client’s mission and visual taste. The company offers a full range of high quality and cost-effective civil engineering services including design and construction of modern and sustainable buildings. Dazz Group’s creative and experienced team of professionals have worked on many projects in Canada. While building their customer’s future, they deliver innovative and reliable strategies, provide consulting and examine the social and ecological impact of their craft.


It is essential for working people to be inspired and motivated in their office environment. With outstanding experience in design, architecture, engineering and planning, Dazz Group’s professionals will satisfy their customers meets the requirements expertly in a dynamic and balanced working space can increase their productivity and contribute to the business’ growth. From designing modern project rooms and vibrant meeting areas to improving lighting and acoustics, the team of Dazz Group’s professionals will develop long-term strategies that will meet the budget, functional and creative expectations of each client.


Dazz Group offers a broad range of high-quality services to design the interior of residential and commercial spaces. Dazz Group’s experts in design, architecture, engineering and planning know how to create aesthetic, functional and sustainable environments that will enhance the space’s impression and maximize their use. Dazz Group strives to provide elegant and smart long-term solutions to meet each customer’s goals.


Landscape architecture demonstrates the incredible combination of arts, science and design to empower the soil to flourish and transform rocks and trees into pieces of art. Dazz Group provides a wide range of services from designing squares and plazas to planning and developing parks and waterfronts. The company is proficient in composing natural systems into architectural masterpieces that create aesthetically-pleasing and sustainable environment.


Dazz Group knows that balancing high quality, reasonable price and the client’s vision is the key to a successful project. Combining the newest advancements in design and technology, Dazz Group’s experts deliver a full range of services in private residential housing from developing the design to providing the sound isolation. Dazz Group will assist customers in crafting the vision of their future houses as well as selecting the right materials that contribute to the aesthetic appeal and longer life cycle.


Despite creating visual comfort, light has the power of creating the mood, and aesthetic appeal of the place. Dazz Group knows how to make light an efficient tool to transform the space’s size and create the ideal environment. From the colour palette to energy use, Dazz Group’s professionals consider every detail, offering innovative smart interior and exterior lighting designs that will satisfy each client.


Dazz Group offers high-quality, innovative renovation and restoration of old or damaged buildings. Our experts will help the clients to renew their existing buildings for a new purpose or improve the use of the buildings’ space and energy. The renovation services allow customers to protect the appearance of historical buildings with the least modification. With minimum impact on the environment and occupants, Dazz Group brings existing buildings to the new life.


Using effective managing strategies, Dazz Group transforms clients’ physical spaces into dynamic and functional hubs that contribute to the productivity and business growth. Whether managing a single floor or the entire building, Dazz Group’s experts examine existing rooms and offer smart and elegant solutions for their clients to enjoy all the benefits of their spaces.


Dazz Group is proficient in improving their clients’ real estate portfolios and stimulating the growth of the companies. The real estate developer offers long-term strategies to increase employee productivity and engagement. Dazz Group is excited to bring inspiration and innovative solutions to their clients’ business growth.